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OIMO expands operations at the Port of Pensacola

23 Jul 2014

Expanded Manufacturing Facilities Planned at Port Facility


Pensacola, Florida – July 10, 2014 – Offshore Inland Marine & Oilfield Services Inc (OIMO), a leader in Topside and Riding Crew repair services, is pleased to announce the expansion of facilities and services at the Port of Pensacola.  This phase of planned expansions will include a lease of 40,000 square foot manufacturing space to support subsea & marine related businesses.  This expansion is in sync with the Pensacola Port Advisory Committees’ recommendation to the Mayor that offshore/subsea business development be the focus of Port asset usage.  This approach provides a catalyst for increased economic growth in downtown Pensacola.  Through this public/private development project enhanced capabilities are added thereby increasing Port attractiveness to offshore service companies.  “As OIMO continues to build reputation in dockside service offering, it is important to continue to meet increased expectations for one-stop service delivery,” stated Robin Roberts, OIMO’s Founder and President.  “This expansion is a major step in accomplishing the goal of building the Port of Pensacola into a major Gulf of Mexico Offshore & Subsea Support Services Center.”


Once complete, this expansion will provide at least 100 new manufacturing jobs averaging roughly $60,000 in annual compensation and numerous ancillary jobs in the support and supply sector.  In addition, the manufacturing process will require numerous marine vessel load outs, mobilizations & demobilizations significantly increasing ship traffic to the Port and bring significant international exposure to the Pensacola area.  This increase in activity enhances the overall economic development of downtown Pensacola.  This project represents the best possible use of the Port of Pensacola assets and will lead Subsea Service companies to recognize this prime Gulf of Mexico location as ideal for necessary port services.


We recognize the assistance provided by the Greater Pensacola Chamber, who actively guided the project through the competitive site-selection process and helped our company navigate both the local, regional and state incentive approval process. Other local, regional and state partners instrumental in facilitating our project included Enterprise Florida, the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity, the Florida Department of Transportation, Escambia County and the City of Pensacola.


The project was also supported by two special regional initiatives – Gulf Power Company’s Job Creation Rate Incentive, which offers discounts to new and existing customers who add jobs, capital investments and new electrical loads to the region – as well as the Industry Recruitment, Retention and Expansion Fund, a regional economic development initiative administered by the University of West Florida and appropriated by the state legislature.


About OIMO:  Offshore Inland Marine & Oilfield Services, Inc. is a premium, value-added service provider servicing primarily offshore oil & gas and marine industries operating in the Gulf of Mexico.  From strategic locations in Pensacola, FL and Dos Bocas, Mexico, OIMO deploys its skilled and managed workforce (like a mobile shipyard) to offshore drilling and production assets.  OIMO has the capability to provide full-service, turnkey solutions, including design, build, installation, and project management – taking on and managing the entire scope of the project for its customers.  OIMO continues to maintain strong market share in its primary service lines, which include: Rig Repairs and Upgrade, Dockside Vessel Repairs, Upgrades & Refits, Mobilization & De-Mobilization Services, Completion/Commissioning Projects, Subsea Fabrication, and Industrial Projects.


Headquartered in Mobile, AL and with an 18-year history, the Company has established itself as the go-to service provider in an otherwise fragmented marketplace, mobilizing its capabilities quickly and executing projects seamlessly.  OIMO combines the processes, dedication to quality and safety, and experience of the larger players with a focus on customer service that is lacking at its competitors.  Adding to the inherent strength of its established mobile shipyard model, the Company has added onshore capabilities through leased shipyard facilities

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