Electrical Services

– OIMO Specializes in electrical power engineering solutions for marine, offshore, and industrial segments. Our Electrical Services Division consists of certified electricians and technicians with extensive project experience. The projects concerned vary in complexity and value, and have included running complex re-fit and upgrade work on vessels with a multinational work-force with OIMO being responsible for all engineering and interfaces. Other projects completed have been those which are of a smaller capital value, but which demand close personal attention to achieve client expectations. We are familiar and comfortable with marine classification society rules such as ABS, DNV and Lloyds of London and have had excellent working relationships with their surveyors on past successful projects.

– OIMO can offer; Survey-Design-Assembly-Installation-Commisioning-Maintenance. Completing the lifecycle of your project.

– Our Electrical Services consist of, but are not limited to:

  •  Generator Installation and Maintenance
  • Transformer Installation and Maintenance
  • Switchboard and MCC Distribution System Installation and Maintenance
  • Temporary/Emergency Generator Deployment
  • Normal Lighting and Emergency Lighting Systems
  • Power Distribution Networks.
  • Automated Valves and damper controls.
  • Thrusters Starters and VFDs
  • Power Distribution/Management
  • Navigational Instruments and Lighting
  • Propulsion Controls
  • Steering Controls
  • Emergency Control Systems
  • Dynamic Positioning System Installation.