OIMO provides expertise in a variety of specialties, providing safe and functional designs that meet the standards of DNV, ABS, and other marine classification societies. Our knowledge and hands‐on experience in shipyards, combined with our engineering skill, provides us with a well‐balanced approach to delivering effective solutions for every project. Experience with top-rated software and technologies, such as Ship Constructor, AutoCAD, and Navisworks, as well as access to additional services, prepares us to meet our client’s needs from preliminary concepts to commissioning.

– Our Engineering & Design Services consist of, but are not limited to:

Structural, Pipe, Electrical, and Mechanical Engineering
– FEA (Finite Element Analysis)
– Simple Structural Calculations
– Modeling

– Shipyard Cost Estimates
– Material Takeoffs

Structural, Pipe, Electrical, and Mechanical Design
– Conceptual Design
– Load Rating
– Engineering
– Final Design Drawings
– Shop Detail
– Nest & Loft Packages
– Installation Arrangements
– Red Line Drawings

Vessel Modifications
– Structural Alterations
– Mechanical System Alterations
– Fire and Safety Plans
– Arrangements of Means of Escape
– “As-Built” Drawings

Shipyard Operations Support
– Docking, Blocking, and Lifting Calculations
– Heavy Weather Mooring Plans
– Heavy Lifts and Turns
– Gangways and Vessel Access