OIMO provides extensive experience in hydraulics, giving us the expertise to provide turnkey solutions for manufacturing and remanufacturing hydraulics for new and existing systems within a dedicated facility. This experience includes engineering, fabrication, installation, commissioning, and maintenance of hydraulic power units and connected systems; as well as the complete rehabilitation and the upgrading of many existing systems. We provide single source responsibility and accountability which includes electrical, plumbing, and mechanical, all while meeting the highest safety standards.

– Our Hydraulic Services consist of, but are not limited to:

Manufacturing and Remanufacturing
– HPUs
– Cylinders
– Pumps & Motors
– Field Installation

– Pinch Roll
– Slab Caster
– Bloom Conveyor
– Walking Beam
– Pantograph
– Pancake Leveling
– Hot Roll Line Control Systems

– Riser & Guideline Tensioner Systems
– Swell Compensator & Shock Absorber Cylinders
– Accumulators
– Positioning Winches

Paper & Pulp
– Winders
– Calendar Stacks
– Truck & Rail Dump Systems
– Hooper Hoppers
– Slasher Decks
– Kamyr Digester Systems
– Log Grapples
– Pulp Press
– Tissue Machine Pressure Roll Systems
– Freight Elevators

– Steering Gear
– Anchor Windlasses
– Cargo Elevators
– Cargo Cranes
– Container Cranes
– Hatch Cover Handling Systems
– Cargo Winches
– Launch Davits
– Stern Ramp Cylinders
– Water Tight Door Systems
– Deck & Store Cranes
– Dredging Systems

Facility Capabilities

  • Wash-down and disassembly area with environmentally friendly oil reclamation system
  • 10 ton overhead rail crane plus 11 smaller crane systems throughout the production area
  • 150 HP test stand capable of dynamically testing pump/motor combinations, 50 HP test stand for pumps, motors, and valves, Sunnen long bore precision hone up to 22′ length and 35″ bore
  • In house machine capabilities up to 212″ long